Laitlang In Kum Nobik Covid-19 Mizaw

Tongzang Township, Haiciin khua in kum nobik covid mizaw kum 6 hngakchia case 318 cu July ni 10, 2020 ni suimilam 11:50 hnu ah Tedim siizung a rak phan.

Haiciin khua in July 9,2020 ah an rak pawk nain Haiciin le Cikha kar lam chiat tuk ruangah case 318 le a nu cu Cikhar khua tiang lawng cycle in an rak phak pi khawh hna.

Tonzang siizung pi in Ha sibawi pa Dr. Khanno le a hawi le nih ZYA (Tuitum) mawtaw in an rak don hna. Cikha in Tongzang khua ah zaanlei suimilam 6:30 ah an rak phan i Tonzang ah zaankhat an rak riak.

Tongzang inn Dr. Khaino lamhruainak in ZYA (Tuitum) mawtaw lila in July 10,2020 suimilam 10 am in Tedim lei an rak pawh pi than hna i suimilam 11:50 hnu ah Tedim an rak khen. The Tedim Post

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